You're not ready for this Royal Rumble 2024 return.

By 26 Jan 24

Royal Rumble 2024 will be live this Saturday, and everyone is curious about who can make a return to WWE.

The winner of the 2024 Royal Rumble will get the option to challenge any WWE champion of their choice in WrestleMania 2024.

With CM Punk entering the Royal Rumble and a few other contestants, the competition will be tough for everyone. Let's check for possible returns.

Brock Lesnar We can witness the Beast incarnate return to the business in Royal Rumble, as he has not appeared for a long time.

Daniel Bryan We might again hear the sound of Yes! Yes! we might get to see Daniel Bryan again in WWE after a long period of time.

Dean Ambrose We might see Dean Ambrose return, as it's the appropriate time for it, and he might win and face any one of his previous shield members in WrestleMania 2024.

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