Wordle Answer Jan 31: This time it's tricky and interesting.

By 31 Jan 24

Wordle is an interesting five-word puzzle that is played by millions globally. And today's puzzle for January 31 is out. So we were here with hints and a solution for it.

The answer to today's wordle is not much harder to guess, and especially for gym lovers, it might be easy to guess.

Hints and Clues for Wordle 956: 1) The word of the day ends with Y. 2) Only one vowel is used in this word. 3) No letter repeats in today's wordle puzzle.

4) The wordle word for today, January 31, begins with the letter B. 5) Big or huge are the words with the same meaning as those in today's wordle answer.

Curious to know the answer to Wordle 956? Don't worry; we're about to share the answer with you.

Today's five-letter word is "BULKY." I hope you enjoyed today's word puzzle.

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