May 23, 2023 Tuesday

What's Up With Kim Kardashian And Tristan Thompson? Hook-up? | Get All Celeb Gossips, Here >>

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Well it was quite the awk rumors going all over the social media about Kim dating Tristan.. Well is it true?

Tristan is ex husband and a father to 2 children with Khloe. He is Canadian-American basketball player.

Tristan Thompson -

Well Kim Kardashian finally spoked in front of media and made the rumors to shut. But how in the .... did the rumors spread?

Well it was when Tristan was back again in the family and all of the sudden Kim and Tristan were seen together at NBA's.

This made some stirring effect over the social media and the NBA thing did added fuel to the spreadings. 

"Stop pushing this narrative," with such harsh words from Kim to the media.  But anyways its all settled down now.

Kim And Tristan -

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