May 8, 2023 Monday

Jeopardy Winner For Today May 8, 2023 - Let's find out who emerged victorious.

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On monday the show featured the three day winner Hannah Wilson defending her title against two contestants. 

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Hannah earned $90,601 from her games and is an data scientist and comes from Chicago, Illinois.

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Juveria Zaheer and Sami Casanova were the other two participants from Ontario and New York respectively. 

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Hannah was in the lead from start Hannah, Sami and Juveria gave 22,9,& 20 answers correctly respectively. Sami gave 1 incorrect while Juveria game 5 incorrect answers.

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The scores of Hannah, Sami and Juveria were $21,200, $4,000 and 17,000 respectively. Hannah increased her earings to 34, 200 as she was the only one to give last answer correctly.

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And Winner of Jeopardy for May 8, 2023 is Hannah Wilson. After 1 more win Hannah will reach the tournament of champions.

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