Bigg Boss 18 Contestants uncover

By Igstart-up.net 28 Jan 24

Welcome to our Google web story in which we are going to unveil who are the contestants of Bigg Boss Season 18.

The great YouTuber and the co-owner of the round to hell YouTube channel Zayn Saifi can be the first contestant in Bigg Boss 18.

Rupal Patel the famous veteran actress can also be the unexpected phase in this season.

Famous Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh can also be seen in Bigg Boss Season 18.

The mysterious and beautiful Riva Arora can also take on this new challenge of Bigg Boss 18.

Mr Faisu the Tik Tok star can also step as a contestant in Bigg Boss Season 18.

And last but not least social media sensation Harsh Beniwal may be seen in BB season 18.

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