May 22, 2023 Monday

Anne Hathaway Is Too Perfect For Promoting Bulgari | Venice | Get All Fashion Tip You Missed, Here >>

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Anne Hathaway and her BULGARI promotion was absolutely stunning. She literally looked like a princess from a fairy tale.

That betwitching look in a golden dress and the BULGARI purple jewels are quite the combination.

Anne Hathaway -

Behind the Scenes

BULGARI is always working with the top of the class celebrities. Here is for this summer with Anne, Zendaya and Lisa of BlackPink.

About Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway is a new ambassador for BULGARI along with Zendaya and Lisa.


Also they are along with Priyanka Chopra and Shu Qi.


That's COOL!

Anne spotted at Met Gala 2023 in white over body bodycon dress and white jacket over. That golden laces do brings the color.

Met Gala 2023 was quite the blast with all celebs and stunning dresses. But Anne did left her unique vibe around.. The Silver princess..

Silver Princess

Image Via Instagram

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