Tips for Taking Care of a Miniature Border Collie

It’s hard to believe that something so cute can be so much work, but a miniature border collie will require plenty of attention if you want it to stay healthy and happy. Here are ten tips for taking care of this little, energetic dog.

1) Get the right supplies

If you are looking to purchase a miniature border collie, some supplies will be important to have on hand.

These include a collar, leash, carrier or cage, food and water bowls, grooming brush, and shampoo. You’ll also need bedding for the dog’s home such as blankets or towels.

Dogs should always have toys to play with too! Finally, be sure that your house is baby-proofed. Some animals could crawl around the house and injure themselves if not properly supervised!

Lastly, make sure to get acquainted with all of the animal’s habits before bringing them into your home.

2) Pick up their feet

Tips for Taking Care of a Miniature Border Collie
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Pick up their feet and check between the pads. Brush your fingers along the paw pads to make sure there is no debris stuck to them.

Clean any dirt, rocks, or other material out of the fur on their paws. Hold the paw firmly in one hand while using a dry cloth or tissue to clean with gentle swipes and circular motions around the foot pad.

Finish by using a damp washcloth or piece of gauze to gently wipe off the dirt from foot pads, again being careful not to irritate sensitive skin that may be inflamed from contact with debris or other irritants.

Don’t forget to check between their toes and pads for debris. If a clump of dirt is stuck in between, use a washcloth or tissue to wipe it out gently.

If there’s an infection, take your border collie to a vet immediately. Debris lodged inside of their paws can cause painful infections that require antibiotics to clear up.

Check each paw daily if possible because they can pick up foreign objects while they’re exploring outdoors or running on concrete surfaces.

Be particularly cautious when walking on asphalt or concrete because these hard surfaces can irritate your border collie’s paws causing their pads to crack and split open, leading to painful infections that require medical treatment.

3) Play with them every day

1. Spend some time with your border collie every day, whether that means going for a walk or cuddling on the couch with them and watching TV.

This will make them feel more connected to you and like they are part of the family.

2. Give them their special place to sleep when they’re not playing; it could be a comfy bed in the living room, a bed upstairs in your bedroom, or outside in the backyard- whatever works best for you and your mini guy or gal!

3. Provide plenty of food and water for them so they never get hungry or thirsty during playtime or when taking a break from running around all day!

4. Brush them every week to keep their fur shiny and healthy.

4) Don’t forget about their teeth

Tips for Taking Care of a Miniature Border Collie
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To brush their teeth, first wet the toothbrush with a bit of water and dip it in dog-safe toothpaste. Gently brush all along the surface of their teeth and make sure to pay special attention to the back teeth, which are most often neglected.

Brush the outsides and insides of their mouth as well. Have them drool onto a cloth or paper towel to help rinse off any toothpaste residue.

5) Start training early

Make sure to train your miniature border collie early so they can learn to behave and walk on a leash before it is too late.

It is also important to give them plenty of exercise, as well as plenty of space. Teach them commands that are crucial such as stay and come here when it comes time for walks.

Do not forget that they need their food bowl cleaned out daily to avoid any mishaps or accidents on the floor!

6) Add a fence if needed

Making sure your miniature border collie has a place to run and plenty of space is key. Include walls and a roof if possible, to give the dog some shelter from the elements, but allow for easy access into and out of the space.

Space can be tight so don’t add anything that may hinder your border collie’s ability to move around. Have a plan before starting construction. And do not build over water or any other source of pollution!

Space is important! Make sure there is room for your mini-border collie to maneuver around–and by around we mean in all directions. They are smart little guys–give them some slack!

7) Know how to do basic grooming tasks

Tips for Taking Care of a Miniature Border Collie
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Keep in mind that miniature border collies need a lot of attention. Bathing is also important and should be done regularly to keep the dog smelling fresh.

It’s always best to speak with a groomer before you start bathing your dog as they will be able to show you the ropes and guide you on the best way to give your pup the best possible bath without risking any injuries.

Most of these tasks can be done easily by yourself, but make sure that if you have not taken care of one before, research all information about it first!

8) Take them with you when you travel

Take your pup with you when you travel: Planes and long car rides can be tough on them. To minimize their anxiety, consider taking them along for the ride.

Don’t forget to feed them: Get snacks or a large meal ready for them at your destination. You may even want to include their regular food in the bag so they don’t go off of their usual diet.

Get your pet acclimated to the car before traveling a long distance: If this is something new for them, take a shorter drive first to get them comfortable being in the vehicle, then add some distance.

9) Learn how they communicate with you

Miniature border collies are a very energetic and busy breed. They need a lot of stimulation and interaction to be happy, as they get bored easily.

The best way to keep them occupied is to give them plenty of mental and physical exercise, both separately and together.

To help with their mental exercises, you can play hide-and-seek, find your object in the yard, or if you’re feeling crafty enough for homemade puzzles, check out some patterns online.

10) Recognize when they need medical attention

Tips for Taking Care of a Miniature Border Collie
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Border collies need regular veterinary checkups, not just when they’re sick. Recognize if your pet has any of the following symptoms as a warning that they may be ill: weight loss, pale gums, coughing or wheezing, lethargy, and reluctance to go outside.

If you have any concerns whatsoever, schedule an appointment with a veterinarian right away.

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