Is a Calico Cat the Right Fit for Your Home?

What do you think of when someone mentions a Calico cat? Is your mind flooded with images of classic kitties with striking ginger and black coats? If so, then you’re in luck, because Calico cats are among the most popular felines in the United States right now! But, before you go running out to buy the first cat that catches your eye, make sure that this breed is the right fit for your home and lifestyle.

Read on to learn more about pros and cons of having a Calico cat as your pet!

One cat, many colors

If you’re looking to adopt your next furry friend, take into account that a calico cat is a rare breed. Make sure you’re fully committed because the upkeep of this type of cat is different from that of other cats.

In terms of personality, it’s important to note that many people say these pets are fairly independent and don’t need as much attention from their owners as other cats do.

Due to their independent nature, most owners have had success integrating them into households with other animals or children who don’t play rough with them.

Keep in mind though, if you have any kids under 4 years old, you should use caution with these types of animals because they may try to pick them up by their backs which can cause injury.

The great hunter (or killer)

Is a Calico Cat the Right Fit for Your Home
Is a Calico Cat the Right Fit for Your Home

Are you a hunter and need to keep unwanted pests out of your yard or farmstead? Have you noticed signs of rodents and wish there was a way to kill them without having to handle the task yourself.

A calico cat might be just what you need. These kitties are well known hunters, with many historic depictions showing their prowess at pest control as well as being involved in high profile extermination jobs.

The fact that they enjoy hunting so much might make it difficult to teach them not to go after birds or other types of small mammals like squirrels, so it’s best to keep them strictly on one type of prey if possible.

Their prey instinct can also manifest in territorial behavior, which means they will typically guard their territory from other animals and humans alike.

Not only do they have this instinct but some are genetically bred specifically for guard duty. If you live near lots of traffic or construction zones where people don’t really care about wildlife as much, then a calico cat is perfect for protecting your property from destruction.

The smallest cats in the world

Many people are drawn to owning a calico cat because of their fascinating and striking appearance. When hunting for prey, these cats often work in teams, with one providing cover while another flushes out the game.

They have even been known to use coyote calls in order to lure in prey. Unlike other domesticated animals, they are not afraid of heights or water, so they can be good at hunting critters that can’t be reached by typical domestic pets.

Despite their fearsome appearance and natural skillset, these cats also make wonderful companions if you’re willing to provide them with attention and stimulation–they need both physical and mental stimulation or else they may get restless! But these cats are particular about where they’ll stay.

A fearless hunter (and pet)

Is a Calico Cat the Right Fit for Your Home
Is a Calico Cat the Right Fit for Your Home

Calicoes are good hunters with prey instinct. They will instinctively stalk and pounce on mice, insects and small rodents in your home.

Tough this may seem like fun and games when they’re young, keep in mind that as they get older these antics can result in an injury to you or your children.

Fortunately, calicoes make wonderful pets so long as their hunting instincts are monitored and fulfilled elsewhere by means of games such as feather toys on rods, food puzzle feeders and tunnels.

In addition to being fearless hunters, calicoes have bold colors which make them stand out from other breeds.

These beautiful markings include black and orange stripes or black, white and brown patches. There is no denying the charisma of these cats which makes them all the more attractive for adoption.

What’s so unique about calico cats?

Calico cats are relatively uncommon, with estimates between one in every three thousand and one in twenty thousand.

They can be more difficult to adopt because of this, but also because they tend to have behavioral quirks that other breeds don’t share.

For example, they are often loners and do not enjoy being handled by people outside their family or social circle.

The rarity of calico cats is partially due to genetics – it’s hard to know how many calicos exist in the world because not all of them carry the gene for color.

It has been found that about 30% of female cats will develop the calico pattern if both parents carry the gene for orange and black fur.

Loving a calico

Is a Calico Cat the Right Fit for Your Home
Is a Calico Cat the Right Fit for Your Home

If you love calico cats as much as I do, this list of pros and cons will help you decide if one is the right choice for your home. The list goes from biggest pro to biggest con.

– One of the best things about calico cats is that they come in just about any color combination you can imagine. You could have stripes, spots, or even patches of both! It’s all good with this cat.

 – They’re also known for their sweet personalities which means they’re great at cuddling up on your lap or curling up next to you on the couch.

– They are fairly low maintenance since there isn’t much grooming needed besides brushing them every now and then.

– Plus, they aren’t picky eaters which makes it easy to give them food they’ll enjoy.

– But beware: some people may be allergic to these animals so keep that in mind before bringing a new kitty into your home.

Are calicos affectionate?

Even though they are known to be shy and independent, calicos can make excellent pets. You may be surprised to hear that they’re typically affectionate in nature when inside of their own home.

They will typically become clingier and have fewer anxiety issues if they feel as though you provide them with plenty of attention on an ongoing basis.

It’s also worth mentioning that because these cats come in all sorts of shades, patterns, and fur lengths, there is really something out there for everyone!

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