10 Benefits of Owning a Miniature Italian Greyhound

If you are considering getting an Italian Greyhound, it’s important to know that they come with some potential pros.

While they are extremely friendly, independent, and loving dogs, there are some situations in which your dog might get bored or lonely, particularly if you spend long hours at work or are away from home often.

1) Smaller Size

One of the biggest benefits of owning a miniature greyhound is that they are much smaller than its standard counterparts.

While both may weigh roughly 20 pounds, one is nearly two feet tall while the other only stands around 15 inches at its tallest point.

Because they’re so small, minis need less food than full-sized greyhounds, making them easier to take care of.

If you want to own a greyhound but don’t have quite enough space for a regular size one, you can get all your greyhound fix with a mini.

They’re also ideal for apartment living as well as homes with multiple pets since they can easily share space with other small animals like cats or even dogs.

2) More Affordable

10 Benefits of Owning a Miniature Italian Greyhound
10 Benefits of Owning a Miniature Italian Greyhound

The price tag on a miniature Italian greyhound, or mini grey, is surprisingly affordable.

If you’re interested in adopting a rescue dog, some breed rescues require you to pay an adoption fee which is quite less.

On top of saving money on your new pet, rescuing can also save lives—so think about that when shopping for your next family member!

3) Less Barking

While most dog owners consider barking to be normal behavior, they don’t appreciate how incessant their pooch can be.

If you live in an apartment building or condo, your neighbors probably aren’t too keen on listening to it either.

In some cases, barking is only annoying; in others, however, it may be indicative of more serious behavior problems such as separation anxiety.

Even if your dog isn’t one to bark much during his day-to-day activities, noise-induced barking when left alone at home can make training impossible—not only for you but also for anyone else who might want to work with him later down the road.

4) Easier to Groom

10 Benefits of Owning a Miniature Italian Greyhound
10 Benefits of Owning a Miniature Italian Greyhound

The miniature Italian greyhound’s coat needs only minimal maintenance, which can be completed in minutes.

Grooming should be done once or twice a week to remove any dead hair that could clog its skin pores.

Brushing with fine-toothed comb to avoid scratching is highly recommended. You must check your dog’s ears regularly because they have an increased risk of ear infections compared to other breeds.

Keep an eye out for redness, wax buildup, odor, inflammation, or discharge; if you notice anything out of the ordinary, contact your veterinarian right away as these could all be symptoms of mites or infection.

5) Healthier Lifestyle

Italian greyhounds are energetic, requiring lots of exercises to keep their muscle tone. If you’re not ready for high-intensity activities like running, you may want to reconsider owning an IG.

The IG requires at least 30 minutes of exercise per day to stay healthy, whereas other dog breeds can get by with shorter sessions.

On top of that, it’s also important to feed your dog well since their active lifestyle means they burn calories faster than others; a poor diet can lead to all kinds of health problems, from obesity down to hypoglycemia.

That said, there are plenty of benefits too! A well-bred IG can be a great companion, especially if you have kids or live alone.

6) Attention from Strangers

Despite their cute appearance, IG’s are still big dogs that grow to be 18 pounds as adults. That size can attract some unwanted attention, especially in urban areas where small dogs aren’t as common.

Many owners choose to keep their pets inside at all times because they are often approached by strangers who want to pet or borrow them.

While these interactions may be innocent, you’ll have less control over your pet when you’re out with him in public than you will if he stays home while you’re gone.

Think twice before bringing an IG into a city neighborhood with lots of foot traffic; it just isn’t worth it if your dog is going to scare people away from your business!

7) Easier to Travel With

Although larger dogs require additional planning for travel, it’s not impossible. If you’re planning on vacationing with your dog, talk to your vet about shots he or she will need before traveling as well as what documents you might need from your veterinarian.

There are also pet sitters or even kennels that can care for pets while away. Also note, that if you have a large dog, be aware of city regulations on pet size and where they can go in public spaces; some cities have restrictions on aggressive breeds including German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and pit bulls. Some hotels allow small dogs, but most do not allow any breed over 25 pounds.

8) Smaller Dog Stairs

As you know, your pet is only small. So, when they can’t fit under something they may be scared, or worse have an accident because there are no other options.

Dog stairs help solve that problem by lifting your dog to where they need to go. They’re not just for older dogs either!

You can get steps that fit with your decor so it doesn’t look like you’ve got a doggy ladder on your wall! Your pup will feel more confident about getting up high too, which will improve their quality of life even more.

Great for animals who need extra help getting around, like those with joint problems or arthritis.

9) No Dog Odor Problems

It’s true. While all dogs stink, IG’s barely have any odor at all. Their coat is so thin that it easily absorbs moisture from their body, acting as an evaporative cooling system for them.

So even on those humid summer days, your IG will stay relatively cool and dry, which means no smelly dog problems to deal with!

All other dog breeds come with dog smell issues, but these dogs just don’t have that problem. You won’t be embarrassed when they stick their head in your lap during a meeting because there won’t be any noticeable odors!

And you can take them virtually anywhere without fear of offending anyone with doggie odor problems. It’s one less thing to worry about!

10) Friendly But Stubborn at Times

One thing that every first-time owner will tell you is that mini greyhounds are incredibly friendly. You may have trouble convincing them to be your friend, but once they decide to love you, it’s for life.

But, because they’re so small in size, don’t expect them to put up with too much nonsense from your side.

They’re extremely stubborn dogs (which can be a pro or con depending on how you look at it), and if something isn’t done their way—and fast—they won’t hesitate to let you know.

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